Yesterday, Today, and Forever

From the Back Cover:

If you take time to work through this reading guide, you will gain a rich, holistic understanding of Hebrews’ theology and you will be able to come back to this volume again and again as a resource for personal growth, teaching, and preaching. . . . The book of Hebrews has been divided into seven weeks of daily readings (forty-nine days), so you will have time for Hebrews to permeated your heart and mind. If you patiently follow this schedule, you will be rewarded with an understanding of Hebrews unavailable to those who want a quick fix.

From the Forward:

“Gareth’s book is a marvelous resource as we listen to the, at times, complex letter of Hebrews. . . .I envision it sitting amongst several commentaries on Hebrews, and being the first port of call when the pastor—or student, seminarian, or scholar—is working away on this marvelous book, full as it is of Jesus.”

—Rev. Dr. Craig G. Bartholomew, director of the Kirby Laing Centre for Public Theology, Cambridge, UK

What Others are Saying:

Gareth Cockerill . . . . brings to fresh life the often-neglected book of Hebrews.  Like a seasoned Sherpa, Cockerill guides the reader [on] a magnificent seven-week journey through the glorious heights and peaks of this cherished landscape of biblical revelation . . . .  I encourage Christians to engage in this amazing journey and recapture anew the glorious identity of Jesus Christ for all time. 

—Timothy C. Tennent, PhD, President and Professor of World Christianity, Asbury Theological Seminary

Gary Cockerill has already written one of the best commentaries on Hebrews, and now he presents the fruit of his work in a book that is accessible to every student of the Bible. . . . What we find here are the reflections of a scholar who has marinated in Hebrews for years. The structure of the letter, the meaning of the text, its theological significance, and the pastoral application are unpacked clearly and profoundly. Pastors, students, and all who want to understand Hebrews will want to read this book. 

—Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation and Associate Dean, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

. . . . [Gary Cockerill’s] many years of in-depth study and his eager willingness to be mentored by the “pastor” of Hebrews richly infuses this present volume. There are deep theological insights on every page! Cockerill’s own pastoral heart makes this seven-week study winsome, compelling, and accessible. I highly recommend this book. It opens the door to one of the most powerful, beautiful, and persuasive sermons ever written! Those who enter this door will be richly blessed. 

—Dana M. Harris, Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“The grandeur and beauty of the book of Hebrews are only matched by its avoidance and near ignorance in the church. . . . This beautiful, timely book is what the church needs!”

—Scot McKnight, Northern Seminary

“A leading Hebrews scholar takes us step by step through the book. Through its pastoral teaching, we can be shaped and formed into adult Christians. Highly recommended!”

—Thomas A. Noble, Nazarene Theological Seminary

Dr. Cockerill’s work here is accessible to a wide range of contexts and audiences. Whether used in personal devotions, textbook for a class, or study in the local church, the Holy Spirit will use this book to form believers into greater likeness to God through our “all sufficient High Priest who ‘remains forever.’”  

—Christopher T. Bounds, Indiana Wesleyan University     

“Readers will find their knowledge and experience of God in Christ strengthened and deepened.”

—Matt O’Reilly, Wesley Biblical Seminary

 “In this reading guide, Cockerill has masterfully and passionately showcased the crown jewels discovered during his lifetime of exploration in the book of Hebrews.. . . .This is a journey not to be missed, and never to be forgotten!”

—Richard M. Davidson, Andrews University

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