An Invitation to the Journey of a Lifetime

20160518_134637Lectures Given at the Evangelical College of Theology, Jui, Sierra Leone,                  May 17-19, 2016

These six lectures were presented May 17-19, 2016 at the Evangelical College of Theology, Jui, Sierra Leone. They show the skillful way in which Mark has constructed his Gospel as an invitation to follow Jesus on a journey of discipleship. Their purpose was to enable the hearers gain deeper insight into this Gospel, to advance in their own journeys of discipleship, and to be able to use Mark’s Gospel more effectively in their ministries. The lectures were given with the hope that they would encourage Biblical and theological scholarship in Africa. Lectures one and six are given in two parts.

They were made possible by Dr. Usman Fornah, then the National Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone; Dr. Sam Kargbo, Principal of The Evangelical College of Theology; and by the generosity and vision of Steve and Kathy Ullom. My deep gratitude and appreciation not only to these I have named but to the faculty and staff of the college, to many other friends in Freetown, and to all who contributed to and supported these lectures. It was a delight for me and for my wife Rosa to once again return to Sierra Leone.

Lecture One, Part One: Introduction


Lecture One, Part Two: Inside Information. Jesus Presents His Claim to the World Mark 1:1-13

  1. An AnnouncementGood News. Mark 1:1
  2. Promised in ScriptureThe Coming of God. Mark 1:2-3
  3. Prepared for by JohnThe Baptizer with the Holy Spirit.Mark 1:4-8
  4. Confirmed by the FatherThe Spirit Anointed Beloved Son. Mark 1:9-11
  5. Tried by SatanThe Victor Over Evil.Mark 1:12-13