“People of One Book” the Bible in the Wesleyan Tradition.

“‘Oh, Give Me that Book’: The Bible and its Wesleyan–Arminian Readers”

I’m delighted to have the opportunity of participating this week in the conference noted above. My lecture, “ ‘Oh, Give Me That Book’: The Bible and its Wesleyan–Arminian Readers,” argues that the best biblical interpretation incorporates both the Reformation heritage of thorough engagement with the biblical text and Wesley’s concern for salvation, for the impact of Scripture in life. I outline a method of studying Scripture that prioritizes context. It encourages the interpreter to strive for a grasp of the Bible’s unity. Then it begins by moving from a passage’s place in the book where it occurs, to the plan or structure of the passage, and then to the meaning of the words and phrases of the passage. It concludes with a summary of the passages interpretation. 

After Inerrancy: the Wesleyan Theological Journal, 1978-2005

In the above lecture I refer to a paper I gave in the Wesleyan Study Group of the Evangelical Theological Society in 2008, entitled “After Inerrancy: the Wesleyan Theological Journal, 1978-2005.” I’ve wanted to make this unpublished paper available, so I’ve uploaded it here.